C60x60 LED / C60x60 FLUO / C90x90 LED / C90x90 FLUO / C120X120 LED / C120x120 FLUO / C90x120 LED / C90x120 FLUO / C90x150 LED / C90x150 FLUO
David Abad, 2004

Rectangular ceiling lamp made from aluminium and available in two finishes: anodised satin silver or textured matte white. It comes in five sizes. They are all fitted with an opal white shade, which emits direct and diffuse light. Available with a dimmer or RGB switch. Emergency kit available on request.

LED A++ C60x60 LED: LED 8 x 10,5W 13360lm 450mA 3000K CRI>80 230V
T5 A+ C60x60 FLUO: Fluo. 8 x 14/24W (G5)
LED A++ C90x90 LED: LED 8 x 15,7W 20080lm 450mA 3000K CRI>80 230V
T5 A+ C90x90 FLUO: Fluo. 8 x 21/39W (G5)
LED A++ C120x120 LED: LED 12 x 21W 40080lm 450mA 3000K CRI>80 230V
T5 A+ C120x120 FLUO: Fluo. 12 x 28/54W (G5)
LED A++ C90x120 LED: LED 8 x 21W 26720lm 450mA 3000K CRI>80 230V
T5 A+ C90x120 FLUO: Fluo. 8 x 28/54W (G5)
LED A++ C90x150 LED: LED 8 x 26,2W 33440lm 450mA 3000K CRI>80 230V
T5 A C90x150 FLUO: Fluo. 8 x 80W (G5)
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