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e27, Tim Brauns, 2016

Adjustable modular suspension LED system that allows for multiple arrangements. Marketed in two standard formats: Kup 1 and Kup 2. Each lamp consists of five adjustable light bodies offering direct light. The structure of the Kup lamp features a black finish, while the light bodies are offered in black, gold and copper finishes. The diffusers are made from acrylic and have a white opal matte finish. Additional modules can be supplied, consisting of one structure and two heads, thus increasing the dimensions of the lamp to better adapt to the available surface area and space. This module can be plugged into any of the end caps on the standard lamps (Kup 1 and Kup 2).

LED A++ 1:  LED 5 x 7W 2700lm 2700K CRI80 DIM 230V
LED A++ 2: LED 5 x 7W 2700lm 2700K CRI80 DIM 230V
LED A++ MODULE: LED 2 x 7W 1080lm 2700K CRI80 DIM 230V
  • CE
  • EAC
  • DIM