S60x60 LED / S60x60 FLUO / S90x90 LED / S90x90 FLUO / S120x120 LED / S120x120 FLUO / S90x120 LED / S90x120 FLUO / S90x150 LED / S90x150 FLUO
David Abad, 2004

Square or rectangular suspension lamp made from aluminium and available in two finishes: anodised satin silver or textured matte white, both with an orange fabric cable. The square version comes in three different sizes, and the rectangular model comes in two sizes. They are all fitted with an opal white shade which emits direct and diffuse light. Available with a dimmer or RGB switch. Emergency kit available on request.

LED A++ S60x60 LED: LED 8 x 10,5W 13360lm 450mA 3000K CRI>80 230V
T5 A+ S60x60 FLUO: Fluo. 8 x 14/24W (G5)
LED A++ S90x90 LED: LED 8 x 15,7W 20080lm 450mA 3000K CRI>80 230V
T5 A+ S90x90 FLUO: Fluo. 8 x 21/39W (G5)
LED A++ S120x120 LED: LED 12 x 21W 40080lm 450mA 3000K CRI>80 230V
T5 A+ S120x120 FLUO: Fluo. 12 x 28/54W (G5)
LED A++ S90x120 LED: LED 8 x 21W 26720lm 450mA 3000K CRI>80 230V
T5 A+ S90x120 FLUO: Fluo. 8 x 28/54W (G5)
LED A++ S90x150 LED: LED 8 x 26,2W 33440lm 450mA 3000K CRI>80 230V
T5 A S90x150 FLUO: Fluo. 8 x 80W (G5)
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