W21 / W22 / W11 / W12
Miguel Herranz, 2002

Articulated wall lamp made up of a metallic structure and bracket, crafted in extruded aluminium. Available with an aluminium and polycarbonate or a natural white textile shade. Finishes: matte grey, anodised shiny silver or matte white. Made in two sizes.

LED A++ W21: LED 6W (E14)
Halo D W21: Halo. classic max. 46W (E14)
LED A+ W22: LED 10W (E27)
Halo D W22: Halo. classic max. 57W (E27)
LED A++ W11: LED 6W (E14)
Halo D W11: Halo. classic max. 46W (E14)
LED A+ W12: LED 10W (E27)
Halo D W12: Halo. classic max. 57W (E27)
  • CE
  • EAC