80x80 LED / 80x80 FLUO / 80x40 LED / 80x40 FLUO / 40x40 LED / 40x40 FLUO
Miguel Angel Ciganda, 2011

Wall lamp featuring a PMMA opal white diffuser in satin finish, four tensor springs and cone support brackets in a matte chrome finish. Compatible with modular composition. Available in three sizes, with electronic or dimmer equipment. 

LED A+ 80 x 80 LED: LED 15W + LED 29W 5700lm 1050mA 3000K CRI>80 DIM 110-230V
Fluo A 80 x 80 FLUO: Fluo. circ. 55W (2Gx13)
LED A+ 80 x 40 LED: LED 3 x 10,5W 5010lm 450mA 3000K CRI>80 DIM 230V
Fluo A 80 x 40 FLUO: Fluo. circ. 2 x 22W (2Gx13)
LED A++ 40 x 40 LED: LED 19,5W 2350lm 700mA 3000K CRI>80 DIM 230V
Fluo A 40 x 40 FLUO: Fluo. circ. 22W (2Gx13)
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