350 LED / 350 HI / 100 LED / 100 HI
David Abad, 2013

Outdoor urban lamp with an aluminium structure which provides direct angular lighting. Its light body features a textured matte grey finish, combined with a shaft available in two finishes: metallic grey or textured bronze. With linear forms, the 20/20 is available in two different heights: 100 and 350 centimetres. LED version: smart timer, optional.

LED A++ 350 LED: LED 33,6W 3600lm 700mA 3000K CRI>80
Halo A+ 350 HI: Halo. metalico (HI) 150W (G12)
LED A 100 LED: LED 17,5W 1550lm 230V 3000K CRI>80
Halo A 100 HI: Halo. metalico (HI) 20W (PGJ5)
  • CE
  • EAC